With a partner, you will work to identify examples of characterization with the memoir Night and analyze how characters change over the course of a text. In your pair, one of you will analyze Eliezer and the other will analyze Shlomo, Eliezer's father. Fill out the characterization chart regarding these characters in the first two sections of Night. Later, you will repeat this activity about the same characters in the last two sections of the book, to discover how they have changed. 

Make a copy of the characterization chart in each of your World Literature folders in your Google Drives. Name the file: YourName-PartnerName-Characterization1-NameofCharacter. Share the document with me via Google Drive when you have completed the assignment.

Characterization is a description of the character through their thoughts, actions, words, and interactions with others.

Characterization can be indirect or direct. Direct characterization involves an explicit description given to the reader by the author. Indirect characterization requires the reader to interpret the character's actions to analyze their personality. 

Characterization Graphic Organizer