In this mini-project, you will be using a combination of words and images to create a representation of a symbol in the book Night. You will choose a symbol in the text and use a selection of images to create a photomontage that expresses the emotions described in the text.

First, view the PowerPoint explaining the art of photomontage.
Second, print out the project packet and complete the brainstorming activities.

Your final project will include a piece of art and a two page essay that explains the methods and meaning of your artwork.  See grading information in the rubrics below. 

Symbolism is the use of an image or object to represent a larger idea or theme in a text. 

Examples of symbolism in literature:
heart = love
bridge = change
red = anger/passion
dove = peace, God
water = birth
fire = passion, regeneration
ice = death, sterility

Photomontage Presentation

Photomontage Project Packet

Symbols in Night: