Follow the steps to analyze the themes of Night.  

First: With a partner, brainstorm three life lessons that are discussed in the memoir. Write these in the Cornell notes section of your binder.
 -A theme must be expressed in a complete sentence, not one word. 
 -A theme is statement about all of humanity that is demonstrated by the text.

Second: Print out two copies of the Quote Analysis Graphic Organizer, one for you and one for your partner. Complete the organizer using one quote that demonstrates each of the themes you listed.
-Explain the quote means to paraphrase the quote in your own words.
-Analyze the quote means to explain in greater detail the deeper meaning of the quote and its importance in the text.

Quote Analysis Graphic Organizer

Third: Print out two copies of the Question 27 TREAT paragraph organizer, one for you and one for your partner. Compose a paragraph about the use of theme in Night by using one of the quotes you analyzed in the quote organizer.
-A complete paragraph has a topic sentence and concluding sentence.
-Explain the quote and analyze how it proves the theme you see in the text.

Question 27 TREAT